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Improvisation in music therapy: new developments in research, training and practice

We are delighted to announce the first upcoming International Conference on Improvisation in music therapy, which will focus on new developments in research, training and practice. This landmark event will take place in Leuven at the beautiful and historic Campus Lemmens of the LUCA School of Arts, the largest university of the arts in Belgium.

Improvisation is an exciting and fundamental method in music therapy. The conference provides a unique platform to explore the therapeutic power of improvisation in different music therapy contexts. During this conference we will have in-depth discussions, share new insights and explore innovative approaches that can enrich music therapy practice, training and research.

This conference offers a unique opportunity to network with colleagues and experts, to learn from each other and to participate in a variety of workshops and discussions.

We hereby cordially invite you to join us at this international conference to share your knowledge of and passion for improvisation in music therapy. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus!

* Organised by research group music therapy, LUCA School of Arts, ​in cooperation with the Belgian Association for music therapists (BMT) and UPC KU Leuven.

If you would like to submit a contribution to the program by way of presentation, workshop, video poster, roundtable or if you just want to attend the conference, click on the appropriate button below to check your options. 

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